What Thankful Thursday Does for Your Confidence, Connections, Culture and Creativity

A Pampered Pup and Other Ways to Simply Say “Thanks”

Imagine my delight when I started working today, knowing I was publishing this article on expressing gratitude, to find a thank you gift on my desk.  Not only is this a cute gift, I found out that it was HANDMADE!

Thank You Sign

This was one of the most creative thank you gifts I have received. It felt it very apropos to share the sign with you as an example of how to say “thanks”, and express how wonderful it feels to be on the receiving end.  You also better believe I am totally copying this idea in the future!

What does this say about my person?  They are:

  • thoughtful
  • creative
  • appreciative
  • handy with a saw and stain!

Pretty nice branding, right? Even better, this person is sincere about it.

How can you turn simple acts of gratitude into meaningful personal brands to boost your confidence, that of others, strengthen personal and work connections, while also bolstering creativity?

By saying “thank you” on a regular basis and in some creative ways.

Why is this important?

Did you know the human mind experiences on average 70,000 thoughts in a day with 80% of those being negative?  That is a depressing thought, no pun intended.

How can we combat this and gain some personal payoff too? 


Research indicates that people who express gratitude for what they have in life, and say “thanks” to others, have:

  • better self-esteem
  • improved self-image
  • more positive moods and mindsets
  • more confidence overall

The bestselling book The Confidence Code addresses these benefits, as do articles from Dr. MercolaForbes, and Gratefulness.org and the list goes on.

Let’s examine the benefits of creating connection, increasing confidence, being more creative and ways you can adopt this practice weekly.


Among this benefit of increasing your confidence, it also:

  • Builds trust and goodwill with others.
  • Provides a private or, if appropriate, public way to acknowledge other’s values, contributions, and talents.
  • Serves as a model to others how to build teamwork and a strong culture through appreciation.
  • Allows you to learn how the person likes to be thanked so you get to know more about him or her on a personal level.
  • It connects others to you, your team and the company.

When employees or team members know that they will be praised for their efforts, they are far more likely to work at producing results. And in the era of merit pay, not surprisingly, cash is not a primary motivator. – The Carrot Principle

No matter what, for me as a practitioner of what I have coined as Thankful Thursday, it involves at least one handwritten thank you card every single week.  I feel connected to people who touch my life if I make the time to write one of these cards.

How can you establish a Thankful Thursday where you work?


Example, there is a non-profit eldercare facility that has undergone a lot of change in the past year, just implemented a lottery ticket program where they have scratch off tickets with a variety of gifts, cash prizes and rewards, they can dole out to anyone in the organization when they catch them doing something above and beyond. They will give out hundreds of big and small prizes (a cup of coffee up to iPads).  This program has generated a lot of “feel good” and excitement from the staff, and creates a lot of positive energy and discussion.  Imagine what this will do for morale throughout the year, and just as importantly, the culture they are re-forming by these simple acts of kindness.


Everyone is creative. Everyone. That is a fact author and mandala artist Kathy Rausch firmly states.  As Kathy will tell you, if we are not creative, we will die- physically and literally.  So, our very essence as a human requires some type of creativity.

Creativity will impact your confidence, the work culture you help to shape (or home culture), assist in strengthening your relationships, and allows you to have some fun too!  Look at how you can get excited over hand-written note and what this can do to further evolve your friendship through work or whatever else it may be.

 Ideas on how to honor your Thankful Thursday, apart from the standard hand-written note:

Sticky Note

  • -Write your gratitude on sticky notes and place on your bathroom mirror or on a door you look at on a regular basis. It reminds you of all the good in your life.  Adopt this practice to hang thank you sticky notes on a bulletin board at work for others to see and share.
  • -Treat someone to coffee, a meal (breakfast before work) or a drink after work.
  • -Invite them as your guest to a professional development event and foot the bill for the ticket.
  • -Send a thank you note to their family for being so understanding at the number of hours this person has put into a project and the impact of their time on customers.
Most everyone loves edible treats.  Can you send a fruit bouquet, cookies, mixed nuts, a gift basket? What about a simple two-chocolate box of Godiva?  That gold box just screams “luxury”!
Look in sites like Pinterest for clever and creative ways to say “thanks.”

Where does the pampered pup come into play from the title of this blog?

Recently, I thanked a lovely couple for hosting me at their house for a three-day weekend. Upon my arrival, I gifted my friend’s parents with two books on topics of interest to each of them (they are avid readers), and still wanted to do a bit more to express how much their hospitality that weekend really meant.  My goal was to delight them through humor, as they are a humor-filled clan to say the least.

After some brainstorming, the thank you had to be about their dog, Lucky (Saying his name requires baby talk!).  Upon my return home I sent a thank you note this week addressed to Lucky, expounding all the things he did to make me feel at home (snuggled with me, greeted me with enthusiasm), along with dog cookies for his doggie sweet tooth, an Oakland Raiders dog collar and doggie sweater for his multiple daily walks to show off his NFL Football team pride (or that of his “parents”) in the neighborhood.

Because Lucky’s “parents” don’t need more “stuff”, it was more fun to shop for Lucky than buying a gift card or sending flowers, and was a playful way to not only express my gratitude, but to also pamper their pup, which every dog lover appreciates.

In ending my work day this Thankful Thursday, let me express a heartfelt “thank you” dear reader, for taking the time to read this.

Who can you pamper today for a Thankful Thursday?

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