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An online marketer stumbled across some of  my Affiliate Marketing content and share this Infographic with me.  It’s an Infographic which highlights and gives amazing data as it pertains to Social Networks and their importance as eCommerce Gateways.  You’ll find a timeline, information about the importance of social eCommerce, fun facts, user behavior stats and much more.

Check it out here ==>> Social Networks and Their Importance in eCommerce Gateways (Infographic)

Many companies like eBay, Groupon, Amazon, etc fit into this category social eCommerce and are changing the scope of retailing.

Stats says that almost 90% of shoppers have expressed that they’ve made their buying decision from a Social Media network.  As they’ve said in the past, word-of-mouth marketing is some of the best advertising, and now with Social Media the once private recommendation has a open megaphone for more referrals to be made.

Another great stat cited here in the Infographic is the fact that consumers are finding it much easier and a lot better that they’re able to communicate relatively instantly on Social Media such as Facebook Messenger and many others.  This shows that is important to have a strong, vibrant online presence with great representation to talk with consumers.

One can certainly appreciate the fact that Social Network advertising revenue is steadily increasing as well due to the fact that your audience’s eyeballs are all over social media.  Although many feel that Social Media is not always congruent with advertising, there has to be a lot to be said and researched about disrupting what people are doing when they’re chatting, sharing, and venting on Social Media today!

Let’s not forget about the infamous Online Review and Reputation Marketing…

It’s states that positive review can assist with brand perception, increased product pricing, and conversions for mobile shoppers.  WOW!

It seems like the sweet spot as far as age of shoppers is in the range of AGE 35-44 and men shop online more which is quite interesting as well.  As a matter of fact, the men shopping online more makes since to  me now that I’m thinking about it as men don’t typically like shopping and prefer getting finished with it!

It’s not a surprise to me that Facebook has Sales Market Share with a HUGE gap.  You cannot tell me that sales interruptions are not taking place on Facebook as even Avon is capitalizing on sales with Facebook–go Avon!  It appears that Brands are sharing photos more than links on Facebook too which makes sense as consumers typically already know Brands website.

Well, this was an amazing which which come to me via email and wanted to share it with you.  Hoping you enjoy the read and the Infographic!

In closing, one thing I recommend is a great online marketing system in order to continue the dialog with your audience once you find one another.  An outstanding marketing system includes but is not limited to having a great online brand presence, website, niche capture page(s), landing pages, an Aweber autoresponder client with excellent automated email to continue drip marketing.

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