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How to use Streak for powerful customer, lead, and support management with Gmail

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Discover How You Can Make Your GMAIL Account As POWERFUL As An Autoresponder Account…


I suspect that many Online Marketers do not use their Gmail and explore with the various Chrome extensions that make working with Gmail far richer and powerful. One such extension is Streak. This particular addition to the Chrome browser (and Gmail) turns your Google email client into a powerful CRM tool, ready to help you:

  • Group emails from customers
  • Keep track of status, notes, and details of customers
  • Share with a team
  • See every email between customers and your team
  • Schedule email

Streak helps you manage business processes such as sales, hiring, support, and product development … all from within your Gmail inbox.

Streak is only available for Gmail via the Chrome web browser. Streak does not work with Inbox nor any other browser.

When used to communicate with your marketing leads, you’ll benefit because you’ll see when your email is opened, and you’ll become more efficient at welcoming and communicating with your team, prospects, and leads.

As you can bulk email and personalize each and every email, it’s recommended to only send up to 100 email at at time no more than five times a day.

Although basic Gmail allows email templates to be created, a great benefit is that Google Streak allows you to create email templates for every funnel created.  This makes email correspondence and follow up easier and much more functional than an autoresponder.

If you work with a team, you can assign leads for your team to work.

Streak is a powerful Gmail plugin which is HIGHLY versatile and recommended.  Check it out today…

-Kimberly Nelms


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