Getting Started With Royalty Funnels – Your First Steps

For over 9+ years I’ve honestly been searching for an

amazing tool, that will bring my marketing together, perfectly.


Renee Sullivan, thank god for that amazing friend of mine…

Showed me exactly what it could do, the possibilites, and why it

would be so crucial in increasing my conversions, engagement, and so much more.


I’ve found since getting started that it’s literally, the #1 tool I’ve ever came across.

The training, the information, the content, Kevin being awesome, Renee being awesome,

and ever aspect from top to bottom has impressed me!


Once you decide to really get started with Royalty Funnels, what should you do first??

1. FOLLOW the first steps!

Yes, those ones that pop-up when you log-in. They are there for a reason!

You need to take advantage of them!

Go through, watch the videos, and understand how the system works.



You’ll earn more with Royalty Funnels, be able to use it easier, and also answer any questions someone else may ask,

that could lead to a sale and conversion!


2. Make sure you are accustomed to where everything is at, and how to get started creating your sites.

You will want to know where you account details, affiliate tools, and the basics are located.

Which are simple, and easy to remember.



Be patient and enjoy yourself!

We’re all enjoying everything here, and looking to grow together.
So get accustomed to the system, learn how creatively awesome you can become with the

landing page/squeeze page/etc builder.

And enjoy yourself!!


*Kevin, you’re the best!

*Renee, you’re also the best!


With my kindest regards

John Weberg


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